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"In our lifetime there is only one person we must encounter, one person we
must meet as though we were passionately in love. That person is the
essential Self, the true Self. As long as you don't meet this Self, it will
be impossible to find true satisfaction in your heart, to avoid feeling that
you lack something..."

written by Harada Roshi.
as i'm sitting here w/tivo playing tv on backgrnd,
working, not slept in a long while.
my frnd im'd this quote to me.
it's a beautiful thing to share w/friends what u come across in daily life...
i just wish some people can see thru all this search for the other love and c tht t/person who needs it most is the self.
it's alrdy ther. no need to search. wander t/world only to realize it's the interior landscape of our heart tht glows & matters.

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woo hoo comments! does this work? i haven't used blogger in a while. i hate things that make you sign up to post comments. :-( it's like the xanga problem all over again . . .