as i'm sitting here...

i'm a little disturbed.
recently i've been burnt by a "friend"
should she be excusable because her actions r not completely "sane" b'cuz she has a "disease"?
does that make what she does to people OKAY?
i've been fighting with this idea.
i can't find it in my heart to forgive her just yet, not when she is still out there burning all of my friends.
and just because one has depression doesn't make it ok for her to treat people like she is doing.
it doesn't mk her actions ok b'cuz she's "sick".
i wish i've never came across this person in my life.
it made me realized that there r people who's intentions aren't real nor pure of heart.

perhaps i can meditate on this more and learn to forgive; i would have to learn to have a big heart first.
right now, it isn't that grand.


H3NR7 said...

Bah! That girl is Poi-son.

At least you added pink to your background.

Simone said...

BAH-screw her. She is a toxic friend. I think we know who you're talking about. Bye bye person. You make princess unhappy.